Cathy Bishop continues to serve on Kentucky Commission on Women

by Mandy Hicks

Cathy Bishop, a paralegal with ELPO, is serving on the board of the Kentucky Commission on Women. She was appointed by Gov. Steve Beshear in 2014 and her term expires in January 2017.

She serves on the board with many notable Kentucky women, including Lt. Gov. Crit Luallen, Kentucky First Lady Jane Beshear, and many others who are committed to public service throughout the Commonwealth.

The Kentucky Commission on Women addresses the health, education, equity and success of women in Kentucky. The commission was established in 1964 by then-governor Edward T. Breathitt. The state commission was tasked with studying and reporting on the status of Kentucky women. In 1970, Kentucky Commission on Women became an official state agency through legislative action. Kentucky Commission on Women became part of the Cabinet for General Government as an administrative body attached to the Governor’s Office in 1980.

Cathy says she became interested in the organization’s work in 2011 when Eleanor Jordan, Executive Director of the Kentucky Commission On Women, spoke at a seminar. Cathy also serves as Vice Chairperson of Commonwealth Health Corporation Board of Directors and is on the Board of Directors of the Medical Center at Bowling Green and has a strong interest in women’s  health issues. “It is truly an honor to serve on the commission,” Cathy says. “I am proud of the work that the Commission is doing and glad I can support women in Kentucky.”