Navigating the Corporate Transparency Act: A Guide for Entities in 2024

As we usher in the new year, businesses around the world are gearing up for a notable change in compliance regulations with the implementation of the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) on January 1, 2024. The CTA introduces a crucial reporting obligation for a wide range of entities, including corporations, limited… Read More


What Do You Do If You Receive a Subpoena?

Sometimes, you don’t have to be a party in a lawsuit to receive legal documents that you shouldn’t ignore.  Sometimes, you may have information that’s relevant to a lawsuit – or someone involved in a lawsuit may want to find out whether or not you have relevant information.  If so,… Read More



What started as a wonderful trip visiting family turned tragic for one family from India.  Our 15-year-old client and his parents had traveled to Bowling Green, KY from India to visit their extended family.  On February 18, 2022, our client was the back seat passenger in a van being driven… Read More


2022 Child Tax Credit Update

As a tax attorney (in addition to the other hats I wear), I often get questions from friends and family about taxes this time of year.  One that seems to be recurring this year is the Child Tax Credit.  My friend texted me a comparison of their large refund last… Read More


ELPO Attorney Kyle Roby Wins $1.2 Million Settlement in Truck Accident for Client

Anthony Rifkin’s life was changed forever when he was involved in a devastating tractor trailer accident. Mr. Rifkin was a professional over the road truck driver; and despite his many years of experience in driving commercial motor vehicles, Mr. Rifkin found himself in a position in which there was no… Read More


Winter Weather Accidents- How to avoid them and what to do if you cannot

With winter approaching, it is important to be prepared for changing road conditions and vehicle maintenance requirements to make sure you are in the best position to drive safely as road conditions change with winter weather. Each year, about one-fourth of every weather-related wreck is due to winter weather hazards… Read More


What to Do if You Get in a Car Wreck out of State on Vacation

By Kyle Roby, Partner It’s the first week of October and for most schools in Kentucky that means fall break is here, and many of us plan a vacation that’s at least one hundred (100) miles from home. For those of us who have traveled south for fall break, we… Read More



In the early spring of 2021, Jeff* was enjoying a nice Saturday afternoon in Kentucky on his motorcycle when he was unexpectedly and violently struck by the driver of an SUV. The SUV was stopped at a sign while waiting to turn left on a four-lane road. Jeff* was traveling… Read More


Legal Update: Paraquat Linked to Parkinson’s Disease

LEGAL UPDATE: ATTENTION – Agricultural workers who were exposed to the herbicide Paraquat and have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease Paraquat is a widely used herbicide in the United States for the control of broadleaf weeds and grasses before planting or emergence of various crops, to control weeds in orchards,… Read More


My Vehicle Was Damaged in a Wreck… What Do I Need to Know?

By Kyle Roby, Partner Kyle Roby English, Lucas, Priest and Owsley, LLP All too often I get calls from people who have been rear-ended by a distracted driver. Most of the time, when no one was injured with only damage to the vehicle, there is not a need for a personal injury attorney like me to get involved, but I am always happy to provide information on how one should proceed after being rear-ended and provide a warning for potential pitfalls that may arise. What often complicates matters is when the person that rear-ended the vehicle does not have insurance, leaving the person who got hit to fix their car out of their own pocket. In these situations, whether you are trying to seek payment for damages from the at-fault driver’s insurance company or your own to get your car fixed, this can be an extremely frustrating experience. Here are five tips that I often share to help ease your frustration: Read More