Charles E. “Buzz” English to begin term as Kentucky Bar Association President in July

by Mandy Hicks

The Kentucky Bar Association’s next president will be English Lucas Priest & Owsley LLP partner Charles E. “Buzz” English, a long-time, active member of the bar association. His one-year term begins July 1.

Mr. English most recently served as Vice President of the Kentucky Bar Association and a member of its Board of Governors. He served on the Board of the Kentucky Young Lawyers Section from 1985 to 1992 and was chairman of the Section in 1991. The Kentucky Bar Association recognized Mr. English as the Outstanding Young Lawyer in Kentucky in 1992.

He has also served as chairman of the Kentucky Bar Association Professionalism Committee and Paralegal Committee and has served on the Annual Convention Committee, Rules Committee, Budget Committee and Client Assistance Program and as a trustee for the IOLTA Fund.

Mr. English says he has been active in the Kentucky Bar Association because of its commitment to strengthening the profession. “It’s important for any profession to apply and enforce the rules of professional conduct, not only for the sake of public perception but for the attorneys involved in the profession,” Mr. English says. “We must ensure that our attorneys comply with the rules and responsibilities of being a member of the bar.”

His agenda for the next year is ambitious. Mr. English wants to secure the future of the Kentucky Legal Education program, which provides law school scholarships for minorities and for those who are from areas underserved by legal counsel in Kentucky. The scholarships are funded by the Administrative Office for the Courts. A second component of the program is a “boot camp” which educates incoming law students about the rigors and expectations of law school. The boot camp was canceled due to a lack of funding, and Mr. English is working to secure funding for it for the summer of 2009 and beyond. “The feedback we’ve heard from those who have participated in the program is that the boot camp was extremely useful to them, providing some very beneficial preparation,” Mr. English said. “Law school is such a challenge for any new law student.”