Congratulations to Keith Carwell on 40 years of service

by Mandy Hicks

Keith Carwell
Keith Carwell speaks at the Barrister’s Ball.

Attorney Keith Carwell was recognized by the Bowling Green-Warren County Bar Association for 40 years of service in the field of law on Saturday night, January 16, at the Barrister’s Ball. The Barrister’s Ball is held every five years and honors those with significant experience in the legal field.

Keith was the first associate attorney hired by ELPO shortly after attorneys Charles English, Jim Lucas, Whayne Priest and Mike Owsley established it in 1973. Carwell graduated from The George Washington University Law School with honors in 1974, and intended to remain in Washington, D.C. But his then fiancé, now wife, convinced him that they would enjoy the quality of life offered in Bowling Green. He has enjoyed helping ELPO grow to one of the largest and most respected firms in Western Kentucky and the daily challenges of a broad and widely varied practice experience.

“Living in Bowling Green and working at ELPO has provided me a quality of life not available to many other attorneys,” Carwell said. “The firm values family life and community contributions, and strives to be a valued part of Kentucky. I’m glad we made the decision that we did, all those years ago, to come home to Kentucky.”

Managing Partner Gaines Penn said of Carwell, “Keith’s many contributions to the firm have  played a key role in our success over the years.  In my opinion Keith is one of the finest business lawyers  in the state.  Keith’s  willingness to mentor  our  younger lawyers on the finer points of a negotiating a deal or preparing complex documents has always been a real asset for our firm.”

Other attorneys from the firm who attended the Barrister’s Ball were Jessica Shoulders, Sarah Jarboe, Michael Owsley, Aaron Smith, Nathan Vinson, Charles English, Murry Raines, Park Priest, Whayne Priest, Gaines Penn, Buzz English, Kenly Ames and Kurt Maier.