ELPO Law Attorney’s Decision to be Published by BNA

by Ashley Carter

ELPO Law Attorney and Arbitrator John S. West was recently advised by Bloomberg Law that the decision he wrote in AFGE Local No. 1286 and Federal Bureau of Prisons FCI Ashland, Kentucky 2023 BNA LA 20, 2023 BL 97203 (2023) (West, Arb.) is being published. The decision involves Weingarten rights and a grievant’s ability to have to have union representation during a breathalyzer test.  Arbitrator West further found the officer was entitled to be made whole by reinstatement to full duty at his bidding post along with his right to work overtime, and payment for all overtime he was denied.

About John S. West

John is a nationally recognized labor arbitrator for over thirty years presiding over and resolving labor disputes in both the public and private sector. He has been listed with the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service since 1993. Prior to joining English, Lucas, Priest and Owsley, John worked for the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet representing the Division of Water Quality, Division for Air Quality, Division of Waste Management, and the Division of Natural Resources. John is a seasoned litigator in the administrative, state, and federal courts throughout Kentucky. This includes matters concerning water discharges from agricultural sources such as animal feeding and dairy operations, storm water runoff, public and private wastewater treatment plants, municipal sewers, contaminated drinking water, oil wells, natural gas wells, coal, floodplain construction, dam safety, stream construction, and wetlands. He has handled air issues concerning asbestos abatement, aluminum foundries, battery manufacturing plants, coal fired power plants, coal gasification plants, charcoal production, chemical manufacturing, limestone operations, and treated lumber. John has litigated and negotiated matters involving waste management and hazardous waste disposal issues, underground storage tanks, lighting products, and municipal waste sites.  He has also worked in surface mining reclamation.

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