ELPO now has six Certified Kentucky Paralegals

by Mandy Hicks

Oysara Demir recently became a Certified Kentucky Paralegal. She is now the fourth paralegal at ELPO who has received this designation, making ELPO the firm in Bowling Green with the most Certified Kentucky Paralegals.

Catherine Johnson has also received CKP designation. Sarah Riggs, who works in personal injury and civil litigation, and Bridget Stratton, who works in personal injury, became CKPs in May 2014. Demir, who also works in personal injury, is the latest addition. She was certified in May 2015.

The Kentucky Paralegal Association established the certification to meet Kentucky Supreme Court rules establishing a procedure for paralegal certification, which promotes competence and high standards of professional responsibility in the paralegal field. The stated purpose of the Certified Kentucky Paralegal program is below.

“The purpose of the Kentucky Paralegal Association’s Certified Paralegal Program is to implement Kentucky Supreme Court Rule 3.700 for paralegals in Kentucky by establishing a procedure for paralegal certification, which will promote competence and high standards of professional responsibility, including the Kentucky Paralegal Association’s Paralegal Professional Standards of Conduct. This is accomplished by setting minimum training, work experience, and education requirements for eligibility to be a designated Certified Kentucky Paralegal. The ultimate purpose of this self-regulation program is to improve the quality of legal service in Kentucky and make it more readily available to the public. Certification of qualifications and commitment to high professional and ethical standards by paralegals will lead to appropriate recognition of the substantial and essential contribution paralegals make to the provision of legal services in Kentucky.”