Group creates pottery for Empty Bowls charity event

by Mandy Hicks

IMG_5073A group of 25 people, mostly from ELPO, worked together to create about 50 hand-made pottery bowls for the Empty Bowls fundraiser in Bowling Green on February 23. The group met in the art room at South Warren High School two evenings to create and then paint the bowls. Each person made two bowls, and most donated both. Leslie Carr, a paralegal at ELPO, organized the event.

Donated food is served at Empty Bowls in the bowls, and participants may take the bowls home. The minimum donation is $10.

Out of the 25 people, 19 work for ELPO, two from the Warren County Clerk’s Office, and four from the The Medical Center of Bowling Green. For more information on the event, visit the Empty Bowls Bowling Green web site.

The Empty Bowls program’s web site gives background on the program:

The Empty Bowls fundraiser started more than 20 years ago as the brainchild of a Michigan high school art teacher, John Hartom. His idea was to get his students involved in organizing a charity event to help them learn that we can each make a difference in the lives of others.  The students made ceramic bowls in their school art classes and then held a fund raising dinner, serving soup in the bowls, and the contributing guests got to take the bowl home with them.  During the next year, Hartom and others developed this idea into “Empty Bowls.”  Since then, It has since spread to other states, countries and continents as a means of spreading hunger awareness and supporting services for the needy.  Below are links to websites and articles about a few other Empty Bowls events from around the world, and a small photo album showing posters, artwork, bowls and events put together by others around the world who wanted to help stop the hunger in their own communities.