Kenly Ames to attend LEGUS fall meeting

by Mandy Hicks

Kenly Ames
Kenly Ames

Attorney and Partner Kenly Ames of ELPO will attend the LEGUS conference in Kansas City, Missouri, representing ELPO at the fall meeting of the organization. LEGUS holds meetings throughout the year for members.

LEGUS was founded in 1995 a not-for-profit organization, LEGUS is an international network of diverse law firms from around the world. LEGUS expects and receives quality work from its stable of law firms. LEGUS members recognize that legal needs are constantly changing and evolving and that clients place a high priority on successful outcomes. When clients’ needs expand beyond borders, LEGUS is there to educate and create a trusted relationship. LEGUS builds close relationships between members through referrals, the legal and educational programming held at meetings, and an exchange of information focusing on member law firm business operations.