Kentucky courts implementing e-filing program

by Mandy Hicks

apple-desk-laptop-5363 from pexels May 7 15State courts across Kentucky are implementing a new e-filing system that allows attorneys and plaintiffs to file cases without physically visiting the courthouse. Cases can now be filed electronically in Warren County, which was added in May.

The new process is being implemented by the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts, under the direction of the Kentucky Supreme Court, which sets rules and procedures for courts across the Commonwealth. Kenly Ames, an attorney, partner and chair of the practice management committee at ELPO, is a member of the Civil Rules Committee of the Kentucky Supreme Court and currently serves as Chair of its E-Rules Subcommittee.

The subcommittee is working with the Civil Rules Subcommittee of the AOC’s Technology Committee to help implement e-filing in Kentucky. The subcommittees meet periodically and make recommendations to the Kentucky Supreme Court regarding the rules and procedures for e-filing.

In a press release from the Administrative Office of the Courts, Chief Justice of Kentucky John D. Minton Jr. noted that the changes will allow attorneys to provide better service to their clients and will improve the justice system. “eFiling is ushering in an important new era for the Kentucky justice system,” Minton said. “Gone will be the days of attorneys on deadline rushing to file a motion before the courthouse closes. Now they can take care of business for their clients anywhere and anytime. I appreciate the local judges and circuit court clerks who have embraced these changes and worked with the AOC to implement eFiling in their counties. The state’s entire legal system will become more efficient as we process cases electronically.”

Counties will be gradually phased in throughout 2015. For a full map of which counties currently offer e-filing and which are still in the process of introducing it, click here. So far, courts in 72 counties offer e-filing as an option.