Fatal car, truck accidents on the increase in Kentucky and Tennessee

The U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration just released statistics for 2012 for auto and large truck fatal accidents. There are three reports, which provide a wealth of information about fatal accidents in the U.S. Links to the reports are available here: A state-by-state analysis of all of the data, including large truck and auto accidents: Data on passenger vehicles: Information on large truck accidents (gross weight 10,000 pounds or more): In this blog post, we'll concentrate on the first report, which analyzes all data from all of the accidents combined. Read More


Kentucky Statute of Limitations in a Tractor Trailer Injury Case

Negligence lawsuits in Kentucky must be brought within the applicable statute of limitations. There are several causes of action under which recovery may be possible, but if you fail to bring your lawsuit within the applicable statute of limitations, you may not be able to proceed. There may only be a small window of time within which you can file suit. An experienced Kentucky personal injury attorney can help determine the appropriate method of recovery and applicable statute of limitations. In a 2011 case, the Kentucky Supreme Court considered whether a 1-year personal injury statute of limitations or the Motor Vehicle Reparations Act (MVRA) 2-year statute of limitations applied in the case of a man who was hurt as a tractor-trailer was being unloaded. The plaintiff was a contract truck driver at the time. On the day before the accident, the plaintiff was picking up aluminum bundles in Iowa that he planned to deliver in Kentucky. They were loaded into two stacks with three layers each. By the next day, the load had shifted. A forklift operator began unloading. The plaintiff was helping to roll up unattached straps. A bundle of aluminum hit the plaintiff. As a result of his injuries, he wasn't able to work for 6 months. Read More