By Buzz English, Partner English, Lucas, Priest and Owsley, LLP Buzz English In the modern-day legal system, it is becoming increasingly rare to take a case to a jury trial. But sometimes it is the best course, especially if you believe you are in the right. In September, I was in Wayne County Circuit Court in Monticello, Kentucky, trying a case filed by a pedestrian who had been struck by my client, Beja Environmental’s driver, John Magazzeni. Attorney J.A. Sowell, also with ELPO, joined me in representing Magazzeni and Beja at trial. The Plaintiff Plaintiff, a 68-year-old woman, walked across a bypass road, just past a lighted intersection and Magazzeni collided with her.  Obviously, the accident caused serious injuries, and Plaintiff was life-flighted to the University of Kentucky’s hospital, where she remained for months.  Prior to trial, she claimed Magazzeni ran a red light and hit her.  At trial, now 72 and assisted by a walker, she claimed she was standing on the median when Magazzeni hit her. Read More