Manipulating emotions often cause elderly people to buy into fraudulent schemes

By Nathan Vinson Between our phones and our e-mail, everyone in America (and likely around the world) is hit with scams every day. We’re promised millions by the wife of a dead African dictator, or told that the caller is from the IRS and needs payment of back taxes immediately. Door-to-door sales people tell us there is something wrong with our roof. Insurance flyers attempt to scare us into thinking that something horrible will happen if we don’t buy their insurance. Most of us brush this stuff off without a thought. We hang up on the scammers, delete those spam e-mails and move on. But for the elderly, it’s hard to tell the difference between a genuine offer that needs our attention and fraud. While we all fear looking stupid or gullible, what’s truly frightening for an elderly person is the prospect of looking dumb in front of someone we love and trust. Asking for help as you get older is difficult. Scammers know this – and push the elderly into it by insisting their offer is for a limited time or that dire consequences can result if they don’t act right now. Read More


Protecting your home from creditors while you’re still living

Many elderly clients feel the need (and rightfully so) to plan for the protection of their home from creditors, including government interests, during their elder years and after their death. It is too often forgotten the planning tools available that provide benefits now rather than later. In line with our recent posts regarding… Read More


Stryker prepared to pay out for faulty hip replacements

Stryker is the maker of the Rejuvenate modular hip system. Many people who have had the Stryker modular hip system implanted have had it removed and replaced, and many of those have sued Stryker to seek compensation for injuries caused by the faulty hip system. These cases have been making their way through courts and have been combined into several large cases. Cases are pending in state courts in New Jersey, Florida and several other states, and in federal court in Minnesota. To pay those injured by the hip system, Stryker established a compensation fund of $1.45 billion. That amount could grow as cases continue to mount against Stryker. More than 8,000 people have sued Stryker seeking compensation for injuries - but time is running out. Those who are interested in obtaining a settlement from this fund have limited time to seek compensation, and need to consult with an attorney right away. The settlement date is November 3, 2014, so patients need to show that revision surgery occurred prior to that date to participate in the compensation fund. Read More