uninsured motorist coverage


Kentucky Appeals Court affirms verdict in favor of insured in Underinsured Motorist case

If you don't have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, you should talk to your insurance agent about purchasing this very important coverage as soon as you can. Such coverage can mean the difference between a fair recovery and financial ruin in the event of a serious accident with a driver who has no insurance or who has only the minimum policy limits. However, should you ever need to actually use your uninsured or underinsured coverage, do not expect your insurance company to be on "your side" of the case. Read More


Son who moved out of Kentucky parents’ home not a “resident relative” for underinsured motorist insurance purposes

Many people think of "car insurance" as something you either have or don't have. When a claim arises, these folks can be very surprised to learn that there are a multitude of issues outside of parties simply being insured or uninsured. This is because, at its essence, an insurance policy is a contract that has many different terms, provisions, and exclusions. So it is very important to understand exactly what is - and is not - covered under one's policy. As a recent case illustrates, it is also important to discuss your policy with your insurance agent regularly, especially if your household situation changes. Read More


Kentucky Court must decide which uninsured motorist coverage applies

Everyone would agree that being seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident and having no insurance for damages, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, is a bad thing. Uninsured motorist insurance can be very beneficial in such situations. However, you may be surprised to learn is that simply having uninsured motorist coverage does not ensure a quick and easy payout of benefits to the injured party. To the contrary, as the circumstances presented in the recent case of Countryway Insurance Company v. United Financial Casualty Insurance Company illustrate, an injured person sometimes has to battle for the benefits to which he or she is entitled. Read More