United Way Committee includes two from ELPO

by Mandy Hicks

Each year, the United Way of Southern Kentucky receives dozens of applications for funding from non-profit organizations. Each application has to be carefully reviewed and screened. This includes site visits, interviews and research to thoroughly understand the need for the funding and the organization submitting the request.

E. Kenly Ames, Chair of the ELPO Practice Management Committee, and Travis Armstrong, Firm Administrator of ELPO, are currently serving on the United Way of Southern Kentucky’s Allocations Steering Committee, and helping to chair subcommittees that do most of the screening, research, site visits and interviews in reviewing applications. They began service in April, and the United Way’s governing board will receive the committee’s recommendations in a few weeks, announcing shortly thereafter which organizations received funding.

Ames said she’s found the work fulfilling. “This is my third year involved in allocations,” Ames said. “It’s a tough task to make recommendations about how best to invest the mony donated to United Way. There’s a huge need for United Way’s help and so many wonderful organizations working in our area. I’m happy to donate my time and skills to help Untied Way make a positive impact in this community.”

Armstrong, who is a Certified Public Accountant, said he finds that many organizations are in solid financial shape, and using what they have well, but they simply need more, and that’s where United Way can sometimes help. “These organizations really are working very hard to meet all the needs in the community,” Armstrong said. “Many are dealing with more requests now than ever, due especially to the economy, and they simply cannot stretch their dollars far enough. United Way’s contributions can make a great deal of difference. It’s part of our duty to ensure that the money will be used well and that it will have as large of an impact as possible.”

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