Bob Young heads Kentucky Bar task force

by Mandy Hicks

Bob Young
Bob Young

Attorney Bob Young was recently named chair of the newly formed Task Force on Law Office Management for the Kentucky Bar Association. The KBA formed the task force earlier this year to help members and law firms better manage the business side of their firms and build their law practice.

Bob previously served as Chair of the Law Practice Division of the American Bar Association, which has a similar mission, but on a national scale. “What I want to do for Kentucky is bring some of the knowledge and resources I gained during my work with the ABA to law offices here in the Commonwealth,” Bob says of the KBA position. “I’m happy to help lawyers here in Kentucky learn how to find the tools and resources they need to better manage their practices, find clients and be of better service to people here. It is our duty to keep up with new technology so that we understand how to best work with and for our clients, and it is my goal for that to be a central part of the task force’s work.”

KBA President Bill Garmer wrote about the task force in the most recent issue of Bench & Bar, the magazine for the Kentucky Bar Association. He explained the task force’s process in the following way.

This past year we established a Task Force on Law Office Management. The charge of the task force goes well beyond merely law office management, relating to such things as how to start a law firm, how to market a law firm, how to enhance client development and how to finance a law firm. While all of these points are of importance, one of the primary jobs is to assist our members to embrace the use of technology. The American Bar Association rules provide that a lawyer not only be competent to practice law but also be competent in the use of technology. We have appointed Bob Young, from Bowling Green, to head this task force. He has served as chair of the Law Practice Division of the American Bar Association and he is very enthusiastic about moving the task force forward to provide assistance to all of our lawyers on the use of technology in their law practice.

About Bob Young

Robert (Bob) Young is managing partner of English, Lucas, Priest and Owsley, LLP in Bowling Green, Ky. He practices in the areas of medical negligence, nursing home and pharmaceutical litigation. He is past chair of the American Bar Association Law Practice Division. Contact Bob at